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Key metric software folder sizes This is an application that will help you understand which files and folders on your computer occupy the most disk space. It is a powerful network tool for analyzing, reporting and visualizing disk space, designed to manage disk space usage.

FolderSizes Full allows you to analyze disk space, displaying extensive data about each of them, as well as all the files that they contain.

FolderSizes can quickly isolate various useless files (such as large, temporary, and duplicate files), and also shows the distribution of files by type, attribute, size, owner, date, or file name length. Everything in an intuitive and interactive user interface.

FolderSizes generates detailed and graphical reports on the use of disk space on the fly during the scan of your system. You can expand any subfolder by double-clicking (in the detailed list or on the graph), which allows you to quickly find the source of excessive consumption of hard disk space.

FolderSizes goes far beyond the capabilities of competing solutions, combining several tools into one:
• Disk Space Explorer – stunning detailed view combined with a stunning graphical bar chart and pie charts
• File Duplicate Report – quickly isolate and manage duplicate files in any folder or volume
• Report on the largest files – FolderSizes can quickly show which files take up the most space
• Oldest file report — use your own criteria to search for old files that are no longer needed.
• Report on temporary files – eliminating the confusion of temporary files remaining after installing the software, downloading, viewing, etc.
• File Owners Report – find out which users occupy the most space on local and network drives
• File type and attribute reports – see Allocating disk space by file type or attribute.
• Drive Space Monitor – instant overview of any local, connected or removable disk
• File size, name and date reports – Powerful, customizable range-oriented file reports
• Scan Filtering – filters file system scans by file name, date, owner name, and so on.
• Integrated search – search by multiple paths by virtually any file criteria (including file owner)

Folder Download Features

• Calculated date / time fields for folders based on their contents
• Visualization of a hierarchical folder map (based on treemap technology)
• Built-in scheduler
• Unicode support for files and folder names
• Interactive, dynamic, full-color bar and pie charts
• Fast, multi-threaded, network file system scan
• Isolate the largest, oldest, duplicate and temporary files.
• View disk space usage by file type / attributes
• View local and network disk usage by owner / group
• Filtering system based on regular expressions FilterZip
• View total and free space for fixed, removable network drives
• Export reports to HTML, XML, CSV, etc.
• Integrates with the context menu of the Windows shell.
• Extremely customizable – colors, fonts, print options, etc.
• Flexible, multi-path search and reporting systems
• Strong support for viewing the allocated disk space (for example, “size on disk”)
• "Command line from here" in all context menus
• Super fast in-memory database for outstanding performance.
• Support for direct entry of UNC network paths in all reports.
• Optional skip of a symbolic link

Title: Key Metric Foldersizes v9.0.223 Enterprise Edition
Developer: Key Metric Software, LLC
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

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