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Welcome to the Kill the error!
Type awesome toilet game at waste time!
I can not stop shooting! Fire! Fire! Fire!

How to play:
Ove move your finger and move the plane around the screen to shoot the enemies of alien viruses.
Died When enemies are killed, you will receive coins and special skills.
 Avoid touching enemies, otherwise you will lose.
Coins can be used to improve aircraft skills, weapons and daily coin growth.

Game features:
More than 100 levels to win.
Weapons A variety of weapons for selection and improvement.
DownloadFree download, free props with coins and just watch the video to get more coins, share our game and even get triple coins.
SkillsSpecial skills at random, you can even turn a defeat into a victory.
Easy operation a method that can be easily accessed without learning.
 Play the work of the electrical platform. Indeed exciting fun!

About the virus:
1: The virus does not have an attack method. They only float, and if they hit the head of your plane, you will die.

2: the virus has a cleavage effect. By color identification red violet blue green yellow. When it comes to yellow, it will not crack, if it turns 0, it will die and disappear directly. However, the color and shape of the body of the child virus will not be higher than the parent after splitting.

3: A large virus is stronger and moves slowly, and a small virus is weaker and faster.

4: The attached virus attribute is determined by the shape of a circle of tentacles outside the virus. This is mainly the following:
Adhesive virus: limit the sensitivity of player movement. When several viruses stick to the virus, the player almost cannot move.
Self-explosive virus: self-detonation after damage of a certain amount of blood, the volume of blood of different viruses is different, and the virus shudders before the explosion, after about 2 seconds, the self-explosion produces about 1 second of the aperture determination, the player dies when touched.
Virus trackingWatching a player, especially a small virus, is faster, very annoying. Viruses that do not have tracking skills will only flow diagonally. As soon as they dodge, they will enter the bottom of the screen and appear on top. It is relatively peaceful.
Nanny virusNot only add your own blood, but also through the tentacles to connect the next small virus together. But when they add blood, they mostly stop.

5: The virus has a group effect at a later stage. Usually, five small children's viruses are closely surrounded by a large maternal body. Although it is also not aggressive, the area is full of atmosphere and brings problems to avoid. More importantly, there is a small circle of child virus, and the effect of rupture is difficult to reach for the mother. For example, the same five scattered viruses of the same volume and one parent with five small viruses have completely different degrees of protection. Especially in the middle of a large red virus with a blood level of a million, but also bring the effect of a nurse, about 5 small viruses bring the effects of tracking or adhesion. ,,,

Free! Free! Free! Free download!
Upgrade mode, can be added to the main weapon, auxiliary weapons, gold coins. Develop your own unique properties of fighters.
There are advertising goods every day, 3 times on points or resurrection.


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