Legend of Solgard Apk


Legend of Solgard Apk

In this unique RPG, fight against enemies and bosses with the help of creatures you have created, increase the level of your hero's power and get treasures from the Scandinavian legend!
Join the Emblem in its epic battle to stop the end of all worlds and establish it as one of the most powerful heroes of Solgard. Use the strategy to fight the hordes of ice enemies in the Arena of Heroes, claim the reward for the legendary villains, defeat the epic bosses and win the war against evil to become a real legend of Solgard.

Solgard turns to winter, his creatures are locked in ice crystals, and his worlds turn into ice. Ragnarok, the end of the world has begun, and only Embla can fight it. With the help of the Power of the Goddess of the Sun, Embla must gather an army of creatures and fight together and defeat the icy evil that Solgard threatens …

Grow an army of creatures, explore the worlds of Solgard and win the war against eternal frost one battle at a time, revealing the secrets of the Scandinavian legend! In this epic new RPG, strategy and creatures of legend are the best assets for you to dominate the arena.

In this RPG adventure:
• Test your skills and fight other heroes on Hero Arena
• Form guilds with other players and fight together to fight epic guild bosses
• Collect allies and treasures from the Scandinavian legend
• Develop and strengthen your hero and army
• Use tactics and strategy to fight an army of creatures
• Develop your hero with divine powers.
• Battle with epic fantastic creatures and bosses

The war for the prevention of Ragnarok has begun, and every battle will require your best strategy.
Are you ready to fight in the epic battles and enter the pantheon of the ancient heroes of Solgard? Download this new RPG now and become part of the legend!

Legend of Solgard is completely free to play, but some additional game items require payment.

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You must be connected to the Internet to access all the functions of the game.

Simple game synchronization between devices and access to all game functions when connected to the Internet.


New in this update:
– UI improvements to help you handle large collections of creatures. Sort by rarity and power, with filters by race / role / color.
– Changes in guild dungeons to make the mode faster, more useful and fun.
– A shared chest, available at Hero Arena, now contains dust.
– Various bug fixes and improvements. Join our Facebook group for more details!

Legend of Solgard Apk Mod