Liberty City Stories download 2.4 (Mega Mod) on Android – Is Here!

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GTA: Liberty City Stories – One of the few games that you can't tell a lot. Maybe each of us plays GTA from one or another version. As always, the developers offer you a large open world, a sea of ​​weapons and ammunition. You will play for Tonny, the former "soldier" of the Leone mafia family. You come to Liberty City and understand that the city is mired in corruption and clan fighters, which really separates the city. You must restore Leone's family glory and influence beforehand. But that will be very difficult. On your journey there will not only be criminals, murderers and corrupt officials, but also your own mother! Are you ready to visit a familiar city location again?

Game features:

  • High resolution textures and characters
  • Lighting and real-time shadow calculations
  • Amazing graphics
  • Cross platform support
  • The ability to play with a joystick
  • Many choices of weapons
  • An interesting storyline and a large number of secondary tasks