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Highlight it

This is a dark world for a little little master flipman like you, and it's time for you to light it and make the colors glow.

Swing, jump, flip and move your flipman master body from one neon color to another so that they glow and illuminate it.

Collect stars while you swing, jump and flip to raise your score.

As soon as you begin to feel like the boss of the master flipmaster and love this glow color, everything becomes difficult (or “sticky” if you like) when you jump, turn over and pass levels. The colored forms start moving, spinning and even exploding, and deadly surges become a constant threat to your poor little man’s life.

If you miss a jump, if your kick is a bad one, if your jump is not in place, or if you hit the spike … you fall into oblivion!

So what do you say, croupier? Ready to swing, jump, turn over, light and glow?

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