Live Home 3D - Interior Design 3.5.4

The most intuitive and feature-rich application for interior design and home. Mark out the floor plans of any complexity and appreciate the design of your house using 3D-visualization of the interior and the passage of your future home.

• Create detailed two-dimensional floor plans.
• Beautiful 3D rendering in real time of home or apartment design.
• Create up to two floors with loft (no restrictions with the purchase of Pro Features in the app).
• The project gallery contains floor plans and interior design ideas (kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.).
• Share your interior and home design between iOS, macOS or Windows 10 devices.
• Free access to video tutorials, online help, quick start guide and quick technical support.

Floor Plan Tools
• Track the imported floor plan or draw your own house plan using the “Straight Wall”, “Arc Wall” or “Room” tools.
• Customize the 2D representation of your furniture.
• View real-time dimensions for walls, ceilings and floors when drawing in 2D view.
• Use the Smart Dimension tool to set the distance between underlying objects or walls.
• Accurate positioning is achieved through smart guides and object grippers.
• Various units of measurement (inches, feet, meters, etc.) are supported.

Real-time 3D environment
• Go through your 3D interior design.
• Add and move furniture and other items, use materials.
• Install multiple cameras to see the house or its interior from different angles.
• Achieve natural light by setting true geolocation, daytime and overcast
• Tune lights around the house to get realistic scene lighting.
• Create corner windows and complex openings.
• Soft and natural shadows.

3D models and materials
• 2000+ furniture and other models for a variety of home design styles.
• Import thousands of free models from Trimble 3D Warehouse.
• 2 100+ delivered materials.
• Drag any image from the Finder to apply it to any surface as a custom material.
• Set the exact size of the tile material to find out how much material is needed for the project to repair your home.
• Import SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ, or 3DS objects by simply dragging and dropping them into your project.

Roofs and Dormers
• Roof Assistant with 12 customizable roof patterns.
• Add custom segments to fully customize your roof.
• 16 customizable hearing aids.

Export and share the result.
• Export 3D home design views to JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP.
• Make realistic home interiors and video passing appearance.
• Create stereo 3D video, 360 ° video and even Stereo 3D 360 ° video.
• Quickly send a copy of your home design by mail, message or AirDrop.
• Export your entire home design project or selected objects to COLLADA, Trimble SketchUp ™, VRML version 2.0 or X3D.
• iCloud support.

Upgrade to Pro with in-app purchase to get more
• Unlimited floor levels.
• View of the facade.
• Roof irregularly shaped.
• Tool "Polygonal block" for drawing balconies, porches and much more.
• Export to 3DS, FBX, USDZ and OBJ formats.
• FOV (field of view) and parallel projection of the camera.
• Export quality expanded to Ultra HD for movies and panoramas at 360 ° and to high resolution (16,000 × 16,000) for still pictures.
• Advanced editor of materials.
• Light editor helps add light source to imported objects.