LLONEWOLF (17+) 1.2.90 Apk + MOD (Money/Premium) for Android – Is Here!

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Free direct download of the latest version of LONEWOLF from RexDl. 18+ NOT FOR CHILDREN!
LONEWOLF is a tense game with moral conflicts.

1 minute: you are in doubt. There is only you and your gun.
2 minutes: you feel the wind, you know the distance, you feel the movement of the target.
3rd minute: you hear the echo of his shots … You make the first kill. Silence.

Can you handle this? The plot unfolds …

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an exciting game about the adventures of a sniper with a plot in the neo-noir genre.
Try on the role of the mysterious killer. His motives are a mystery.
You did everything you need to get into a criminal organization known as the "Assembly."

Who is this person? What happened? Very soon you will realize that it is not so easy.
A fascinating atmosphere and an exciting plot will not let you break away from the screen of your device.

While working on the "assembly", we will visit different weapons in your hands.
Sniper and automatic rifles, pistols, bombs and even your bare hands.

The ability to collect, upgrade and unlock more than 20 types of weapons!

  • Scene mode lasting 5+ hours.
  • 30 missions.
  • Hand-drawn cut scenes.
  • More than 20 types of weapons.
  • Realistic sounds and feedback.
  • A dozen mini-games.
  • Several shooting ranges.
  • Prizes per room and 40 prizes


Many optimizations and bug fixes to improve your gaming experience