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"Rich, innovative experience, Lost Echo this is exactly what an iOS adventure should be, embodying the spirit of traditional adventure games with all the features the platform has to offer. ” -AdventureGamers.com

"I can't help but be completely impressed." -IndieGames.com

"This is a must-have purchase for anyone who loves science fiction, mystical, or simply adventure games in general." -148apps

“A beautiful game with a difficult puzzle to be solved: you cannot remove it!” – Touch Touch Play

In the near future, Greg Chloe's girlfriend mysteriously disappears before him.
He starts desperately looking for her. What happened? Why does no one remember her?

In this independent plot-based adventure game, you explore fully three-dimensional environments using the point-and-click user-friendly interface.
Solve puzzles, explore, play mini-games, chat with numerous characters and find out what really happened!


  • Detailed and realistic graphics, rarely found on mobile devices.
  • The soundtrack is written specifically for the game. Drawing from several genres, so that creates the appropriate atmosphere for each area.
  • An exciting mystery with a satisfactory conclusion. Meet and interact with numerous characters, find clues and slowly uncover the truth. But is this true enough?
  • Point and click is one of those genres where touch devices make sense. We were convinced that we took advantage of this.
  • Two modes of casual and normal, so you can play regardless of experience with the genre! And if you get stuck, you can always use the built-in hint system.

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What can I say?
This is more or less a remaster of Lost Echo.

There are too many changes in the list. One way or another:

Support for new devices, strange proportions and cutouts.
New graphical functions (post effects, dof, color correction, real-time reflections in some cases)
Improvements in navigation.
Changes in the text. Logic corrects. The animation is changing.
Improving the quality of life.
Faster / better GUI.


Looking forward to new updates from us.

PS: we are still working on Lost Echo: Resonance.


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.KickBack.LostEchoAdventureFolder «android / obb» copy to.
  3. Enter the game.