Meet the most innovative professional photo editor, created by photographers for photographers. Luminar brings everything you need to make perfect photos in less time!

We designed Luminar as the best software for modern photographers. This may sound like a bold statement, but we listen to photographers and hear their requests and needs every day. Over 40 professional photographers have helped us create this version of Luminar.

Luminar is the first real alternative to Adobe Lightroom that you can enjoy today without burdening subscriptions and limited features.

Get stunning images with an improved Raw engine. Eliminate flaws with lens correction and transformation tools. Stylize and enhance with new smart filters, including the unique Sun Rays filter. You can even add your Adobe Photoshop plug-ins to Luminar. And much more.


* Over 40 non-destructive filters
* More than 50 professional presets + custom presets
* Support for Adobe Photoshop plugins
* Flawless RAW support
* Layers with blending modes
* Disguise
* Lens correction and conversion
* Delete object
* Dodge & burn
* HSL & Curves
* Presets in one click
* Pro color classification with lookup tables
* History panel
* Custom textures
* Dedicated jobs for all kinds of photos
* Fully non-destructive image editing
*And much more…


* Start in less than a minute
* Customize user interface to your liking
* Quick access to necessary tools with workspaces
* Get instant results with dozens of presets
*And much more…


* Accent Filter – improve photos using artificial intelligence
* Sunburst – add realistic sunshine and rays
* Matte, Grain, Cross process – to imitate film styles and vintage images
* Orton Effect – beautiful portraits with a twist
* Black and white panel – professional monochrome photo editing
* Polarizing filter – significantly improves the sky
* Golden hour for perfect light at any time of the day.
*And much more…

Enjoy Luminar and make your photos more beautiful faster.
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