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Mafia City

★ ★ Genuine mobile underworld strategy game, play with millions of players around the world ★ ★
Connection Talk around the world, without distinction in color, language or nationality, and together they become the godfather.
☆ Clan, rob, take and shocks between gangs, intrigues, and fight for the place of honor of the Mafia king.
☆ Super hardcore and ultra hectic mafia life. Fight for power and realize your dream "Alpha", you can not "stop" to play!
☆ Live interactive lawn warfare, daily battles all year round.

★ ★ Game Features ★ ★
☆☆ 3D HD Unity game engine, perfect game screen
Zoom function, 360-degree polygon with well-graphic image, providing almost real virtual reality.
☆☆ live rally strategy
Come! Together with our brothers, we will defeat our enemy and fight if the words do not work.
Create the power of your clan and wake up these potential talents.
If you do not crush them here, tomorrow they will crush you.

☆☆ The only server in the world, as well as a professional translation system that can translate all languages ​​into one
Ground background and connection, does not matter. There are only brothers and loyalty.
✔ Rudders with brothers everywhere; Stay on the Coast, set a goal to reach the East and the whole world, to unite the gang.

Four main features and over a dozen gangsters awaiting recruitment ☆☆
“Fights, even the word“ human weapon ”cannot describe their ferocity. For them, conflict is just a common way of life.
✔ Arrows are able to own all types of weapons, from machine guns, rifles to artillery, and more.
Bikers with tons of heavy locomotives that move like lightning, rob and set fire to things. Definitely a nightmare for all the gangsters!
✔ A modified car can be made from a minivan to a military Hummer. There is nothing that we cannot change, only that which you cannot imagine.

Mafia City Studio
Official customer service address: [email protected]
The official Facebook fan page:
Customer Support – Secretary (Secretary is always on your side)


Content new content】
1. Achievement Vigilante: Records the number of kills and wins of each Vigilante when in the lead.
2.VIP privilege:
(1) The priority of finding the best site resource: unlocked on SVIP1.
(2) Buy all products on the yacht with one click: opens on SVIP1.
3. Function Review: added new [Hitman Service],

【Optimization and tuning】
3. Optimized combat report: you can compare Attacking Attributes with Defender.

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