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MarginNote 3, all new e-books for better study and assimilation of your books
Integrating powerful tools for annotating books, mind mapping, flashcards, and more to make notes to read like never before.
Welcome to MarginNote. This is a very powerful software for reading and learning, which is applicable to Mac, iPad and iPhone. By integrating a PDF / EPUB reader and several powerful learning tools, MarginNote will allow students to reorganize and link knowledge from different aspects, and then memorize and assimilate accordingly.

Regardless of your profession, such as a student, teacher, researcher, lawyer, or life student, you can comment and take notes using MarginNote, organize notes using Mindmap and Outline, horizontally combine knowledge with Hashtag, and enhance the memory effect with Flash cards .

You will find that MarginNote does not simply integrate these tools. Instead, it integrates them deeply and skillfully, making it easy for users to switch between different tools.

What's new in MarginNote 3
* New and clean user interface completely redesigned.
* Improved performance and running more smoothly.
* Support for both reading mode documents and learning mode.
* Excerpts and notes
* Expanded handwriting support.
* Textbox support to PDF.
* Support direct typing and sketching when editing cards notes.
* Support for automatic text recognition when extracting scanned PDF files.
* Accent and Cloze
* Support for direct emphasis in a powerful underscore mode as a PDF, and the scheme.
* Support for automatic conversion of accent from Cloze to CardDeck.
* Support for creating Flash-maps Image-Occlusion.
* Multidocuments
* Supports both document tabs and split views for switching between documents.
* MindMap
* Automatic grouping of new passages according to the content of the document.
* Support for the new display mode Brach: Framework.
* Swipe / drag gestures to slide to / from Outline & Documents in learning mode.
* Improved grouping cut / paste, drag to merge, etc.
* Contour
* Improved search and display of keywords in the results.
* Improved styles.
* Deck:
* View cards in MindMap mode and document mode.
* Anki's advanced export: map styles, image occlusion, cloze
* Advanced web browser research.
* iCloud sync
* Fixed several design problems in previous versions.
* More stable and improved performance.
* Categories
* Separate categories for documents, study and review.
* Recycle Bin
* Recover data from recycle bin and make data more secure.
* Trial
* 14-day free trial.

MarginNote 2.X features:
– Support for PDF and EPUB;

Annotation and notes:
– Support for text highlighting and rectangular illumination;
– add notes right in the margin of the page; the editing area of ​​the note will not overlap with the contents of the book;
– text, voice, picture, sketch, and many other forms of comments in the note;
– add hashtags to notes to facilitate the connection of notes;

Scheme and mind map:
– Outline and Mindmap in one view;
– Creating a tree structure using gestures;
– Editing of several selections, such as group, association, cloning, etc .;
– Quick search and filtering by color, hashtags, books.

Flash card:
– Highlights and notes can be automatically turned into cards for viewing;
– Repetition at a distance using an algorithm based on Anki;
– Switch to the page of the book of links at any time;

Import, export and sync:
– Import web pages and notes from Evernote;
– Export cards to Anki;
– Export schema to OmniOutliner;
– Export Mindmap to iThoughts or MindManager;
– Export to Evernote;
– Export all notes in the margins, MindManager, Outline and related PDF / EPUB to a printed PDF;
– Synchronization of books and notes with iCloud;

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