Mind Games Pro 3.1.3 Apk for Android – Is Here!

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Train your brain! This is an unlimited, ad-free version of the popular brain training application. Mind Games is a large collection of games, based in part on principles based on cognitive tasks that will help you practice various mental skills. This app includes all Mindware brain training games. All games include your points history and your progress graphs. The main application shows a summary of your best games and scores on all games for today. Using some of the principles of standardized testing, your grades are also converted to a comparison scale so that you can see where you need to work and exceed. The training center selects games for you to maximize your progress and enjoyment.

Mind Games includes awareness exercises. Previous research has shown that mindfulness can provide improved focus, working memory, and mental flexibility for some. Studies show that there may be emotional benefits from awareness. The app provides instructions on how to use mindfulness during the game and in your life. Other activities are recommended that, as suggested by previous studies, can help cognition for some (for example, aerobic exercises). You can also explore new memory strategies. Until now, no scientific studies have been conducted to determine whether a specific implementation of the games “Attentiveness” and “brain training” have cognitive advantages. At a minimum, you can have fun by challenging your mind with our games, learning new meditation practices, learning strategies that can improve your information storage, and gaining knowledge in knowledge-based activities.

Mind Games is also now available on iPhone / iPad and Windows.

Available languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese.


Train your brain! Get an unlimited version of the popular brain training app. Unlike other popular brain training applications, this program does not charge periodic fees. Buy it once and use it forever.

In this version:
Added: Excellent new experimental game called "Divided Attention". Practice your divided attention and speed in this fun new game.
Fixed: Fixed backup / restore process. Added the ability to search the game base.
Updated: score data for all games.