MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY 2.0.116 Apk MOD (Instant Break Enemy) – Is Here!

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The ultimate FINAL FANTASY game in high resolution for mobile phones!

Key feature:

■ Deep history and stunning visual effects.
Get to know the fascinating story written by Kazushige Nodjima about the fame of FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X, visualized with the help of three-dimensional graphics, not previously seen in the RPG for mobile phones!
Each chapter release will be accompanied by grandiose in-game events that add new game content and exciting customization elements for your character!
■ New and improved RPG turn-based battle.
Experience the new combat system, specially designed for mobile devices, creating highly tactical battles, where each action goes into the next, combining attacks and abilities in a rhythmic flow that brings destruction to your opponents!
■ The vaunted "Work System" FINAL FANTASY is back.
Immerse yourself in the deep character customization system, which allows an almost unlimited number of combinations between task classes and specialized elemental abilities.
Choose your job, build your "deck" and destroy your enemies!


■ History: Warrior of Light

Despair cast a long dark shadow across this land. The winds have stopped, sea currents and the earth are rotting.

People are waiting for the appearance of the hero – the hero predicted in ancient prophecy: “When darkness covers the earth, the Warrior of Light will come. Hope rides on him.

After a long journey through the air on the shores of Palamcia appear wrecked without a past. One of them is destined to become a warrior of legends.

You stand among them.

Are you the hero the prophecy predicts?


■ Operating system
Android OS 4.0 or later


[Ver.2.0.116] Updates
■ New work EX
Their sins are freed by the dancing blade …
Introducing the new work of EX, Scharfrichter!
■ Chapter 4 released
The story begins to accelerate.
Pebble suddenly begins to glow brightly among the rest …
Do not miss the quick change of events!
■ Work tasks: Meia
The witch will awaken to her true powers!
Workers courses for Mei have appeared!
Progress to a specific area and get rewards for early completion!


Instant enemy breakthrough