Modern military aircraft

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Modern military aircraft

Modern Warplanes takes you into the world of modern military aeronautics. You will be able to fight on all the most famous pursuit aircraft and air interceptors of our generation. Manage your own base and participate in online battles. Features:

  • Great graphics, like in PC projects.
  • Online game will allow you to fight with real players from different countries.
  • 12 types of combat aircraft. Including 10 real and 2 prototypes of the 6th generation.
  • Each aircraft has its second-rate weapons and unique characteristics and capabilities.
  • More than 30 different collectibles, from rockets to main guns, which you can freely install.
  • Competent execution of the game, thoughtful gameplay and all related game moments.
  • Work both online and offline in case of Internet failure.

The game claims to be the best action simulator in the mobile direction today.


Our intelligence reported the completion of the construction of the enemy's secret headquarters. The existence of these headquarters threatens global communities, so they should be destroyed!

New game mode: HQ Raid
New aircraft: Northrop F-5E Tiger II and Chengdu J-20
New missiles: M3

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