MONIT 2.0 | Cmacapps



Push Notification Center to quickly see key performance data for your Mac, such as the processor, memory, disk, network, and battery. Click on charts to expand and reveal more detailed information. Click the network and disk icons to view even more data.

Monit Widget is a modest but ambitious Notification Center widget for monitoring your computer.

Restrictions due to the AppStore sandbox and other known issues:

○ The AppStore application cannot read system sensors (SMC), so we cannot display details about the processor temperature and other sensor data, such as fan speed.

○ The AppStore application cannot read all processes in the system. This means that the list of Top-3 applications will not necessarily contain the processes that currently use the most resources. The list, however, will show the applications that use the most resources.

○ MONIT will underestimate memory usage by applications in the Top-3 list, which includes sub-processes that we are not allowed to read. In practice, MONIT is fairly accurate, given the limitations of the sandbox under which it works, but for some applications it will be underestimated. If you are comparing with Activity Monitor, you should compare with “Real Memory” and cumulative memory usage by subprocesses.

○ Thermal Gauge uses the Apple API, which does not seem to work properly on older Macs. On a MacBook from 2015 and later, it works fine.


● The widget connects to an external host to get your public IP address. This is the only reliable way to get your address. Data is not sent, read only.

● The Top-3 list of applications shows the normalization of application CPU utilization (0-100%) for all CPU cores.