Monster Legends – RPG 7.8.6 Apk + Mod for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


Free direct download of the latest version of Monster Legends from RexDl. Tame the mighty beasts of the legend and breed them to create new species.

Discover new skills and amazing abilities to prepare ferocious monster units for battle on the adventure map or hit their enemies in the monster arena.

The adventure of monstrous proportions is about to begin.


  • NEW! Go to quests and get countless rewards! Exclusively for Google Play Monster Legends! Go to the game, click on the achievement badge and accept these challenges!
  • Breed to produce formidable, fighting hybrids and feed to acquire new skills.
  • Over 180 unique monsters … and new animals that can be found every week.
  • Battle face to face in 3 on 3 fights!
  • Choose between adventure mode and arena. Test your skills, strategy and endurance to the maximum!
  • Choose your opponents, steal their resources and protect yourself from attacks.
  • Make your way to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Unlock treasures as you progress through the adventure map – a world of wonders, dangers and unknown monster enemies awaits you!
  • Get life experience to raise the level of your monsters.
  • Now you can get a starter pack that will increase your progress for as little as $ 1.99, with an exceptional 98% discount! It includes the epic monster Musu, Gold, Food and valuable gems. Do not miss the chance!
  • Be social. Visit and help your friends!


This version is packed with monstrous kindness! Check out what will be here!

– Introducing the new Mutant Runes! Change your runes to improve two characteristics at the same time. Are you ready to shake up your strategy?
– Now you can open Monster Vault slots with new storage keys. You will receive Vault Keys each time you level up!
– There are more in this version! Visit the “Updates” section in the “Settings” section to learn about additional features and fixes.