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The official digital adaptation of your favorite card game Morels.
Forests old-growth, motley sunlight. Tasty mushrooms beckon from every grove and hollow tree with many delicious varieties awaiting an experienced collector. Feed, fry with oil on the fire and prepare your way to victory!

Awards and honors:
International Gamer's Award 2014 – overall strategy: nomination for two players
2014 Games Magazine The best winner of the new card game
Fairplay à la carte Winner 2014
Nominee for the best card game Golden Geek 2012
Nominee for the best board game for 2 players for 2012

– Elegant digital conversion card game from Brent Povis
-Interactive asynchronous games or real-time games for 2 players
-Local programs and games
– Solo play against 3 AI difficulty levels
Game Modifiers: Try a new way to play!
-Interactive tutorial
-In the rule app
-Translated into: english, german, french, italian and spanish
No ads or microtransactions.


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