Music Speed ​​Changer Apk

The most downloadable application for increasing time and changing pitch in the Play Store, now with an elastic engine for professional sound quality.

Music speed changer Allows you to change the speed of audio files on your device in real time, without affecting the pitch (stretching time), or changing the pitch without changing the speed (pitch shifting). Alternatively, speed and pitch can be adjusted together with a single control. The app is also a music looper – you can slow down the speed of the song and loop the pieces of music to facilitate the practice. Another feature is the ability to reverse the sound (play back music).

You can also save customized audio to an MP3 audio file (.mp3) for sharing with friends or listening to another player.

Music Speed ​​Changer is great for musicians practicing a tool that needs to slow down or practice in another setting, speed up audio books for faster listening, make a night ball, or just play your favorite song by 130%.

Note for Google Play Music users: Google installs DRM on songs purchased through Google Play Music. Your songs purchased in this application will not be visible in the Music Speed ​​Changer (or any other music player). The easy way to get around this is to download purchased songs through the Google Play Music application for desktops, and then transfer the downloaded .mp3 file to your Android device.

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– Shift pitch – change the pitch of the song up or down by 24 semitones, fractional semitones are allowed.
-Time stretching – change the speed of sound from 10% to 500% of the original speed (change in BPM music).
– Uses professional quality time stretching and pitch shifting engine (élastique efficiency V3 from zplane.development), better sound quality than all other similar applications.
– Speed ​​adjustment – change the pitch and tempo together.
– Open almost any audio file format known to people, send an email if you find one that does not exist, maybe we can add support.
-Musical looper – smoothly loop audio sections and practice again and again (AB repeat player).
– Improved looping function – move the loop to the next or previous measure or set of measures with one touch of a button after capturing an ideal cycle.
-Reverse music (play in the opposite direction). Decipher the secret message or read the passage back and forth.
-Playing queue – add a folder or album to the play queue and add / delete individual tracks.
– A waveform showing audio outlines for accurate searching.
Equalizer – 8-band graphic equalizer, as well as a preamplifier and balance control.
-Analyzed audio to display BPM and music key of each track.
– Great for making Nightcore.
– Open audio files from your device storage or from cloud storage.
– Export your settings to an MP3 file (.mp3) or WAV to share or play in another music player.
-Save a modified version of the entire track or just a captured loop fragment (great for creating weird ringtones).
– Modern material design and easy to use.
– Light and dark themes.
-Fully free and no limits on this music speed controller.
– Without waiting for your local audio file to be decoded, for instant playback and instant sound and pitch settings. Slow down the speed of sound or instantly change the pitch for all types of sound.

This application uses élastique effective V3 from zplane.development to stretch time and change pitch.
This is a super power application with Superpowered SDK.


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Music Speed ​​Changer Apk