Nemo_D.O 1.4 b90 (Full) Apk for Adroid – Is Here!

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2017/2016 BIC Selected selection
2017 BitSummit 5th selected choice
Showcase 2017 Connect Connect Asia Indie Prize
2017/2018 Taipei Game Show IndieHouse Showcase

– Nemo_D.O – the game "one character collects bullets, and the other shoots bullets" – the original concept
A game in which two robots move and shoot at the same time to complete a mission, manipulating split screens.

[Game Features]
This game has two single player modes and a multiplayer mode, each mode has its own kind of fun.

(1) Single player mode
Single player mode that you must control two characters to solve stages.
The single game mode Nemo_D.O begins with the story of an old-fashioned robot, the main character, on a pile of cars. One day in 2133, the robot suddenly turned on the power supply in front of the blast furnace at the cemetery of machines.

There are bullets in the D.O circle, and he can fire bullets to attack enemies.
Square "Nemo" can push or lift objects.

(2) multiplayer mode
Each player must simultaneously control the characters on two screens, each of which can control the bullets and destroy one of the competitor's robots.

In this version you can choose one of 3 themes, you can enjoy playing with friends, winning three out of five.