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You arrive in the capital Otlon as the sole heir of your late uncle's ranch. Your mission To become a champion of monsters, gather your team of monsters and cope with numerous trials. Take part in the online battle and compete in special missions for ratings, or clash with other players right in the battle! Are you ready for the challenge?

You will need to test your skills on the battlefield and beyond! In the battles in this game, 4 monsters are involved on the field at the same time, and the group size is up to 16 monsters. Build your group wisely, because some monsters have abilities that work together with others for chain strategies. A well-placed monster can mean the difference between a close victory or a crushing defeat!

There are many different strategies available for use. Monsters can block enemies with stunning blows and attack with Timestrike, or put enemies to sleep to sleep and deplete their health with Dreamhunt, or defend their allies with Protector and many more!


  • Capture hundreds of fully animated monsters!
  • Explore 6 different worlds for 60+ hours of adventure!
  • Train and customize your monsters on the ranch!
  • Fight through 6 leagues to become a champion!
  • 140 additional online missions to test your skills!
  • Master destructive combinations of many different monster abilities!

Apply massive damage to poisoned monsters with Poison Eater!

Put the enemies to sleep, and then enjoy them "Dream Hunt"!

Killed one enemy? Earn even more with Bloodcrave!
… and much more!

Terms of Service


– Improved exchange shop
– Added new item: Tickets for 6 stars
– Updated daily sign up bonus
– Added Claim All feature (awards)
– Added hell mode for online history
– The name of the monsters with a bonus of +9 will be displayed in a different color in battle
– Adjusted Monster Balance
– Added new monsters and skills
– Error correction

Team Unlimited
Unlimited capture
Can capture unacceptable monsters.
Unlimited Fruit