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NetLimiter Pro available for free download from our software library. If you are an experienced Internet user, it means that you have already intersected with at least one traffic management utility. They are useful tools when it comes to managing your network connection and programs that use it without your knowledge.

Installation requires a reboot of the system, but the wait is worth it. In no time you will know which applications are draining your Internet connection and to what extent. The main program window shows the speed of loading and unloading of active processes, as well as detailed information on incoming and outgoing connections.

NetLimiter Pro allows you to set specific rules for any of the selected connections, limiting traffic to only incoming or outgoing, and data traffic – to any number of megabytes. Moreover, the scheduler is useful if you want to limit certain connections to a certain period of time and avoid narrow traffic during peak hours.

If a new connection depletes your bandwidth too much and you don’t want to waste time restricting its access, you can simply stop it. And if you are not sure what action to take for a particular connection, then whois, ping, and traceroute should be helpful, as they will provide you with additional information on this issue.

Filtering should also come in handy, since you can set specific traffic rules for a set of programs or a range of IP addresses. You can also specify user accounts that can monitor or control the program settings and avoid unauthorized access to the application.

Last but not least, Net-Limiter Pro comes with its own firewall, and, although it’s not as complicated as a standalone firewall, it provides you with the basics. This and the fact that the application interface is intuitive and easy to set up should be enough to try it.

NetLimiter Full Features

Network Monitor:
NetLimiter displays a list of all applications that communicate over the network, its connections, transmission speeds, and more.

Bandwidth limiter / bandwidth driver:
You can use NetLimiter to set download or upload speed limits for applications, connections or their groups. With restrictions, you can easily manage the bandwidth of your Internet connection (bandwidth generator or bandwidth controller)

Statistical tool:
This feature allows you to track the history of Internet traffic since the installation of NetLimiter.

Additional network information:
NetLimiter provides you with additional information such as WHOIS, traceroute, etc.

Rules Planner:
Remote administration, Personal firewall, Run as WinNT, User rights, Chart, Advanced rule editor and scheduler, Zone-based traffic management

Title: Software Locktime NetLimiter v4.0.45.0
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NetLimiter Enterprise | File size: 5 MB
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