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Stickman ghost is the perfect combination of role-playing, hacking and slash games, as well as games with the dealer.
Stickman Ghost contains many weapons, such as swords, bows and axes, to become an archer, an archer. With skills and equipment, the croupier will be transported to the world of the attractive croupier. You will have to become a ninja warrior to fight with evil sticks and epic shadow bosses.
Do you have enough motivation, courage and passion to join the battle? On a bloody moonlit night in the medieval kingdom, the whole croupier’s world is captured by evil. Stickman ghost – a hero in the blood of dragons and fire with the power of God, he is determined to go through the earth, defeating the demon croupier to save people in the medieval kingdom. Stikman's anger has reached the highest level. The journey began to find peace for the whole earth and save the world.
Fight for justice and destroy the evil stick to avoid the disappearance of the world of ninja-sticks with the league croupier!The best of Stickman

Stickman Ghost is a famous Unimob stickman game with millions of players around the world playing.
Try to feel like the strongest ninja-man immersed in all new skills with the graphic style of Stickman. You will not want to miss a moment in this game.Deep in battle with league stickman

If you want to hack and hack, or become an archer, shooter, let the croupier's epic weapon be installed in the store. Ruby and fight or die. Each battle with shadows is different from beginning to end, but with the help of angels and pets, if you use a lot of skills and weapons, the ninja will be stronger and will win faster. Try not to let the monsters hit.Improve, equip and stronger

With a variety of characters, level, attack, defense and blood are very important in the fight against the enemy. An evil little man can use his powers, abilities and special weapons to quickly destroy enemies, such as an archer, archer … Some monsters are extremely dangerous, and you may need more powerful weapons. Improve your attack power, armor, blood and enjoy the victory in every battle.Features Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior

• Realistic oscillation, Ragdoll physics make funny actions in combat battles.
• There are two stick control modes for you: Experience 60 challenging levels with a wide variety of types of clubs and monsters. And this mode does not end, so that a fighter can show his skills and strength in front of the other ten thousand chooses.
• 10 different types of weapons and power to equip, select your sword, bow, ax and many weapons to become a stickman-gladiator or stickman or just a stickman kung-fu, each weapon will have each level.
• You can hack, shoot, jump, fight and deep into shadow combat.
• Amazing gameplay with a combination of action and role-playing to make the best ninja croupier game.
• Simple control with one touch throws.
• Medieval war style combined with the legendary ninja character who immerses you in this game.
• Global rankings help you prove that you are the strongest ninja stick that sat with other players. Are you a fan of the stickman game? Do you like an action-role-playing game, download Stickman Ghost now and play with millions of other players around the world, explore the fascinating and fascinating world of little men.
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