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NirLauncher is a pack of more than 180 portable free utilities for Windows, all of which have been developed for the NirSoft website over the past few years.

Popular Nirsoft utilities (many of them are listed in SnapFiles separately) include network tools, password recovery tools, privacy cleaners, system utilities, programming tools, command line utilities, and more.

NirLauncher package

Features download package NirLauncher

  • NirLauncher can be used from flash drives without the need for any installation.
  • NirLauncher and all utilities included in the package are completely free, without spyware, adware and malware.
  • This package does not contain any third-party programs, toolbars, plug-ins for the web browser or other unwanted surprises. It will not install any software on your system and will not change the homepage of the web browser or other settings on your system.
  • The NirLauncher package includes various tools you may need for daily computer use, including utilities for recovering lost passwords, for monitoring your network, for viewing and retrieving cookies, cache and other information stored in your web browser for searching files in your system and more …
  • For each utility in the package, you can easily launch it, view the help file, or go to the utility’s web page.
  • When used with a flash drive, the configuration of each utility is stored in a .cfg file on a flash drive.
  • On x64 systems, NirLauncher automatically runs the x64 version of the utility when there is a separate x64 version.
  • NirLauncher also allows you to add additional software packages in addition to the basic NirSoft package.
  • NirLauncher allows you to create plug-in files for BartPE (Launcher -> Generate BartPE Plugin Files), so you can easily use NirSoft utilities from a bootable CD with live windows.
Title: NirLauncher v1.22.18 package
Developer: Homepage
License: Freeware
English language
OS: Windows

NirLauncher works in any version of Windows, from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. NirLauncher also works on x64 systems. Some NirSoft utilities have a separate version for x64, and NirLauncher automatically launches them when you are in the x64 system.

– The official site does not provide any information about changes in this version.

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