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O & O MediaRecovery Professional available for free download from our software library. With O & O MediaRecovery, you can recover deleted photos that captured these precious moments; last year's holiday, wedding day or the first photos of your children. If these irreplaceable memories are deleted, it will no longer mean that they are lost forever. And O & O MediaRecovery does not stop there: it can also restore your favorite songs and videos, simply and quickly, and all this with just a few mouse clicks!

O & O MediaRecovery Professional Features

Product features

  • Quickly scan files, even on very large amounts of storage
  • Preview files before data recovery
  • Advanced Search and Restore Wizard
  • Recognizes and restores over 80 file types (all standard graphics, video and music formats)
  • Supports all Windows compatible hard drives, removable drives, memory cards, USB drives, CompactFlash and most digital cameras
  • Recovers data on storage volumes whose files were damaged or destroyed by faulty software
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Vista

Important features at a glance
O & O MediaRecovery was primarily intended to recover data from removable media, such as MP3 players, digital cameras, memory cards (such as SD, MMC, xD and others), hard drives and, of course, devices such as Apple iPod. Just install O & O MediaRecovery on your computer and connect the storage volume on which you want to recover data. After starting the program, the O & O MediaRecovery wizard will guide you step by step through the recovery process so that you can quickly restore access to the lost data.

Preview function
After the scanning process is completed, you can view the files that can be recovered. Preview function O & O MediaRecovery supports most image formats, including JPEG, BMP and TIF. The fact that preview is not available for some files does not exclude the possibility of successful and flawless recovery of these files. This function should not be viewed as a way to assess the quality of a pending recovery, but rather as a means of facilitating the file identification process.

Various search algorithms
O & O MediaRecovery combines the powerful search processes of extremely successful data recovery products O & O DiskRecovery and O & O UnErase. These search algorithms use various technologies to search for data in almost all scenarios and can be used together or separately. The O & O UnErase algorithm is best suited for fast data recovery. The O & O DiskRecovery algorithm scans each sector of a volume for the presence of recognized file signatures and can recover data from them, even if the entire directory of the contents of the volume has been deleted or overwritten.

Integrated Image Data
Data images created by O & O DiskImage are also included in data recovery processes. To prevent data loss due to faulty hardware, you can create a forensic image using separately available O & O DiskImage. This full image also saves (estimated) free disk space, so full data recovery can be performed later without affecting the original hardware.

Filter function
Search results are presented in a clear overview due to filters that are sorted by size or time (create / last change / last access). Filters can also mix empty directories or files to refine search results.

Title: O & O MediaRecovery Professional v14.1.137
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

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