Overdrive Premium 1.2.1 Full Apk + MOD (Money) for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


Played the free version and want a premium version? This is what Overdrive Premium offers you:
– Lightning Blade to claim for free;
– 20% discount on upgrades and heroes;
– Free gems in the first 7 days;
– Removed pop-up ads
… and an exciting experience that you don't want to miss!

Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge is built with a shadow theme and a futuristic storyline.

In the future, a strong, outstanding appearance is created from a combination of people, technology and ferrous metal. The government calls them the “shadow cyborg” and allows each sector to have its own shadow security forces (S.E.F), all of which must be controlled by headquarters in the city of Century.

Everything seems so perfect, until the day when Headquarters is attacked by the Dark Clan. Hacked, the Lord Commander S.E.F kills his soldier and replaces him with a new generation of shadow cyborgs to capture the government. CORE, a senior cyborg soldier, learns about the plot too late. After the attack, CORE joins the rebel and goes to the city to avenge his comrades and destroy the Dark Clan.

Starting from the Dark Forest, you will encounter dangerous enemies and traps. In battle, use your skill to avoid attacks and make unusual combos.

– Tutorial for beginners to go through the whole game.
– Play offline without internet connection.
– Smooth game control
– Heroes need to upgrade, customize and equip epic weapons, armor and much more!
– Ultra-awesome sci-fi graphics and effects
– Giant bosses with unique killing attacks.
– Amazing combo with a variety of weapons.

Ready to be the savior of the world? Join us now!

If you have any feedback or questions to us, please let us know by email overdrive@gemmob.com.