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PanoramaStudio Pro 3.2.0 – Creates seamless 360 degrees and wide-angle panoramic images. It stitches your photos into huge panoramic images within minutes. This program combines the simple creation of perfect panoramic images in a few steps with ambitious post-processing features for advanced users.

PanoramaStudio Pro creates single-row and multi-row panoramas up to spherical 360 × 180 degrees. This is a complete solution for creating panoramic images. In addition to the simple and well-established creation of panoramas PanoramaStudio Portable now also offers the ability to stitch arbitrarily arranged images onto a panorama. This allows you to create huge panoramas even outside the gigapixel.

The main characteristics of PanoramaStudio:

  • Simple user interface, large workspace with 2D and 3D preview
  • Automatic alignment of single and multi-row panoramas to full spherical panoramas 360 × 180 degrees
  • Seamless blending into a panoramic image
  • Manual post-processing of all possible steps
  • Automatic exposure compensation
  • Interactive panoramas can be connected to virtual tours using hot spots.
  • Filters for advanced image editing


  • Export your panoramas to various graphic formats, like screensavers and interactive Java or Flash panoramas for websites.
  • Print a panorama in the format of a poster on several pages.
  • Save panoramas as a multi-layered image for professional post-processing.

Features PanoramaStudio Pro Download

  • Simple stitching of individual images into wide angel and 360-degree panoramas
  • Stitches photos from any ordinary camera – for shooting panoramas you do not need expensive special equipment
  • Sews arbitrary multi-row image locations
  • Supports the creation of full spherical panoramas 360 × 180 degrees
  • Automatic alignment and image blending
  • Full 16-bit workflow for 16-bit images
  • Identifies more than 1200 digital cameras using exif data (in JPG, TIFF and PSD files)
  • Automatic barrel correction / pad for wide-angle lenses
  • Automatic vignetting correction
  • Adaptive mixing method is achieved even for scenes with smoothly mixed panoramas of a moving object (new)
  • Adjusting the exposure of input images (improved)
  • Automatic panorama exposure correction
  • Manual post-processing options for all steps of creating a panorama
  • Workspace offers 2D and 3D view in edit modes.
  • Control point editor
  • Exporting interactive Java and Flash panoramas
  • Export panoramas as a screensaver or self-starting program
  • Records the most common image formats (JPG, TIFF, PSD, PSB (new), BMP, PNG, PCX, RAS and TGA)
  • Imports JPG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, PCX, RAS, IFF and TGA image formats
  • Import existing panoramic images for further processing
  • Imports about 300 RAW formats, including DNG, CRW, NEF, CR2, RAW, MRW, DCR, ORF, ARW, PEF, …
  • Poster printing function
  • Supports cylindrical, spherical and perspective (rectilinear) projection of panoramic images
  • Editing hot spots for panoramas Java and Flash allows you to create virtual tours
  • Filters for post-processing of image colors and sharpness of the panoramic image being created
  • Export individual panoramic images as a Photoshop file with layers, as a TIFF series, or as a multi-page TIFF

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• Advanced hotspot mode simplifies the creation of virtual tours
• Improved exposure compensation. The adjustment of individual images as well as the global exposure correction have been improved.
• New additional white balance in multi-row mode.
• Improved and optimized rendering procedure.
• Increase static mixing performance by about 10–20 percent and about 100 percent for adaptive mixing (“Anti-ghost”).
• A new interpolation method for the contents of the missing image fills in the gaps or undefined areas around the panorama with the blurred content of the adjacent image areas.
• Optional use of orientation information from image metadata of DJI drones for better alignment of such images.
• New interpolation methods allow advanced users more sophisticated rendering settings.
• Improved single-row preview. The preview after leveling now contains less artifacts and is closer to the subsequent result.
• Added support for WebVR and VR controller in PanoramaStudio Viewer. Interactive panoramas are now also launched in browsers on virtual headsets, such as Oculus Go, HTC Vive, and others.
• Added 75 new cameras to the camera database, which now contains more than 2480 cameras.
… And many other improvements

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