Peace, Death! 1.5.7 Apk Full (Paid) + MOD for Android – Is Here!

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Peaceful death! arcade simulator with difficulties. In this game, you play as a Reaper working for your boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc. Your task is to complete a trial period of seven weeks in order to get a permanent job and promote the interests of your employer.

Specifications. You need to examine the characteristics of each client in order to determine his, her or his fate. Every day there are more opportunities, and the game is becoming more difficult. Does your customer hold a gun? Send him to hell if he does not change his mind and drop his weapon. Is your client a hat lover? Should you send him to heaven? No, it's not that easy! Take off your hat first and you can see the horns. Being a demon, a murderer or an angel is also a trait.

Disasters. These are unique events, they are unexpected and quick, so the Reaper is under time pressure. But you must properly distribute customers to complete the disaster, unblock new customers and increase the effect of death! Unsuccessful pirates, the epidemic of bear flu in Siberia, the struggle for free soup – these are just some of the disasters.

Developments. Every week you will encounter a new event. The more days you work, the more events you have. Trainee phone calls, contraband safes, Paradox covert agents, kidnappers. All of them create some difficulties, but help you become the best in the business. Why you can even cook soup!

Themed days. Every seventh day – themed day. You will choose the fate of the client for a unique soundtrack that matches the spirit of the chosen theme. Egypt? Of course! Mother Russia? Nostrovia! Pirate day? Yo-ho-ho!

Something else? Riders' tasks, funny customer phrases, lots of links and Easter eggs, bonuses, penalties, special customers – all this will determine your future, as the Reaper will determine the end of the game!

In hand F:

Eternal game You wanted, you asked, and you got.
More than one hundred Destiny cards that affect your work day.
New disasters. Inquisitors, crazy YouTube, uninhabited island and even the festival Pestilence!
New characters. Famous and unknown.
Your own big apartment. Outside of the wildest dreams.

Improvements. Food. Tasks. Favorite types of your workplace. And much more in the world, death! Distribution.

Good luck, Reaper!


– Some hard work to fix a rare hang error on some devices;
– Complete the main game to play the infinite hand F and work on FATE;
– correction of achievements;
– There are no in-apps now;
– minor fixes;