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You can download Pepacura Designer from our software library for free. This program, developed in Japan (the word Pepakura, translated from Japanese means “paper production”), is designed to create deployed 2D models from 3D models. Since the operation is very simple, you can easily create templates. Then you can edit the template as you like. Pepakura Designer makes it easy to create original templates for paperwork by importing 3D model data. No special knowledge is required for making paper patterns. All you need to do is prepare a 3D model. You can use 3DCG software released by other developers to create 3D models.

Features Pepakura Designer Download

  • Automatically generates a deployed template from 3D model data.
  • The user can move, rotate, connect and disconnect parts in the pattern.
  • The user can place text and images in a template.
  • The main data formats supported are 3D CG.
  • Expanded patterns can be not only printed, but also exported to some 2D formats.
  • The user can distribute both a 3D model and a picture in one file, while others can see it using the Pepakura Viewer.
Title: Tama Software Pepakura Designer v4.1.5
Developer: Tama Software Ltd
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

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