Permute 3 v3.1.3 | Cmacapps

Permute is a universal tool that allows you to convert video, audio and image files into various formats, turn up the volume, combine them and much more!

Video, audio, and image files come in many forms and shapes, but sometimes you need a specific format, because your iPad or DVD player will not play this video. This is what Permut is for!

Here are some key features:

– Beautiful interface – See what you are converting. Rearrangement includes a kind of icon that allows you to see sketches of everything you work with.
– Easy to use – What could be easier? Drag the file, select the target format and go. It's simple!
– Insanely fast – Permute can use as much of your computer as possible to do things as quickly as possible.
– Versatility – Video, audio, images – Permutation can handle all of this. Want to create a DVD? No problem, Permut can do that too.
– Settings – configure presets or just this specific conversion. Increase the volume, rotate the video, change the resolution, flip and so on!