Phase 10 Pro 3.6.0 Apk for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


The official phase 10 is here, and it's better than ever! Let Dolores guide you through all the exciting new locations and new phases for the game. Sit back and relax in a tropical paradise, get together playing in Chilli City, go with the Greek Pantheon to Mount Olympus – and much more!

Game features

● Play the classic phase 10: go through 10 original stages – as much as you want, for free!
● Challenge your friends online!
● unlock new and exotic themes, each with a new fun set of phases
● Meet the actors of unique unlocked characters.
● Use Wild and Skip cards, as well as switching advantages, to increase your chances of winning.
● Track your progress while playing the main game and explore various side missions.
● Create your prize collection: create new items for use in the game
● Participate in special events to win prizes for a limited time.
● Challenge yourself: customize your options and difficulty levels
● Start with an interactive tutorial or jump right into the game.

Are you a fan of incredibly fun card games like Uno and Skip-Bo? Compete against other live opponents in one of the best card games of all time! Choose complexity and characters, open new game locations and unique sets of phases, create new items to customize your game, and play bonuses to improve your game experience every time you play. Phase 10 uses all the features of a classic family card game and updates it for a modern, mobile and mobile life.

Download the official Phase 10 game today!

How to play
A phase is a combination of cards that can be composed of sets (several cards of the same value), series (several cards in ascending order), cards of the same color, groups of even or odd numbers, or a combination of them. Each stage is specific to each hand, so you must complete the current stage in order to progress.


Hey, Phase 10 fans! We periodically update the game to fix bugs and increase stability. Install the latest version to improve your gameplay. Enjoy and thanks for playing!