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Phishing is a fraudulent practice of disguising yourself as a representative of a well-known company, and then trying to get confidential information about people through email and the Internet. A phishing scam is a growing problem in the digital world that invades the privacy of thousands of people every year.

Scammers have several ways to retrieve sensitive data, such as email, phone calls, USB lures, etc. This modern epidemic has already done a lot of damage to people's privacy.

What is phishing software?

Phishing software was developed to detect phishing attacks on the Internet. Nowadays, it is very important to use this software because fraudsters are looking for ways to obtain confidential information for personal gain. This software is well equipped with all the features necessary to protect the company from phishing attacks.

phishing-proof software It is a necessity of time and something that is obligatory for companies to build in their systems for the better.

Phishing software has the following features:


With this feature, an organization can send text messages to its employees to check their vulnerability to such messages. In addition, you can choose one of 12 templates, and then send it to your employees.

USB Baiting

Using USB bait, you can teach your employees how to connect unauthorized USB drives. Several educational pages are presented in MS Word, Excel and PDF formats, which can be used to check a person’s curiosity to open a link.


Receiving hidden information on the phone is a growing phishing practice. You can train your employees with the help of 19 different voice signals that you can use to check their inaccuracy in a particular situation.

Why use phishing software?

As already discussed, phishing scams today are on the yellow brick road, so it’s very important to be prepared for the methods that scammers use. Fraudsters are experts in obtaining confidential information such as credit card information, bank account number, date of birth, etc. From people.

Moreover, companies are at higher risk when it comes to protecting valuable information. Employees are the first source through which you can easily spread information about a company. This means that a company is at much greater risk if an employee accidentally runs out of discrete data. After you train your employees to use software and get rid of phishing scams, they are likely to be able to easily resist phishing scams in the future without the need for professional help.


Phishing is a fraud of the modern age that must be stopped. It is imperative that such software be used to end the criminal practice of scammers. However, make sure that employees are adept at using this software, and moreover, ways to get rid of such scammers. It is not surprising that the invasion of the privacy of someone without his consent is a criminal offense and is prosecuted.