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The Escapists 2

Escapists 2 is a fun, exciting sandbox strategy experience that is not so easy to get out of jail. Create your own argument with hundreds of customization options and go to The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout.

Explore the largest prisons, with several floors, roofs, air vents and underground tunnels. You will have to live by the prison rules, attend the roll call, perform prison work and follow strict rules; all the time secretly working out your bet on freedom!

Team up with 3 of your friends to create an unforgettable vacation with local multiplayer. Working together, you can create even more complex and bold plans!

Download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout today … That would be a crime, not!


* An exciting prison simulation game with all the new features.

* Five hand-selected prisons filled with indie-sandbox madness escape penitentiaries with minimal security, such as Center Perks, or for the more seasoned Rattlesnake Springs criminals!

* Buy, exchange and break your way to the acquisition of much-needed items to create dozens of crafting combinations that will help you escape!

* Blend to fail, prison life is full of routine, make sure you attend the role challenge, watch your work and stay under the radar!

* You have time, so waste it well! Train your mind in the library and your body in the gym to give you the brains and strength to break through! Or you can just learn a hobby or join a group …

* Put the craft into sly! Reflect, sneak and succeed by going through prison life, build friendships, pull guards on your eyes or bribe them directly, as you use your charm, skills and wit to make a plan and execute your escape!

* Providing a breakthrough in The Escapists 2 is a challenge! With the updated combat system, you will block attacks in your block of cells, combine attacks, avoiding chains of solitary confinement and capturing blocked targets!


*** New Prison – Cougar Creek Railway ***
Various fixes and improvements

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.team17.escapists2Folder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.

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