Skelly: Positive Anatomy Model

Skelly: Positive Anatomy Model

Hey, artists!

Tired of searching online for reference materials? Does the NSA think you're a pervert for finding all these skeletons? You have no body to pose for you? This is normal, the Skelly application is what you need! With the Skelly app, you can literally get the right inspiration from your pocket, anywhere, anytime!

Skelli is a fully posed, anatomically correct reference skeleton for artists. Also included is a simplified version of the skeleton called the Robo-Skelly. These numbers were created in order to make the study of anatomy more simple and enjoyable for students and professionals, without leaving wallets dry. They can also be used to create poses for drawing, drawing, modeling, illustration, animation, comic, manga, storyboarding, twerking, and to fully understand the anatomy of the human skeleton. No need for super buttocks, Skelly comes assembled and ready to pose as soon as you launch the app!

Studying the structure of the human body is a key element in drawing the figure in an anatomically correct way without having to clear the browser history to avoid embarrassing conversations with your loved ones. If you want to do work such as Michelangelo or Miyazaki, Skelly will help you focus on your art and allow you to personalize his postures, rather than look for reference materials and hire models. Learn how to draw a skeleton from any angle without the inconvenient and morally questionable need to go to rob a grave.


Anatomically correct skeleton
Simplified "Robo Skelly"
Proportions based on the teachings of Dr. Paul Reacher
The skull fits perfectly in the "head of Loomis", as taught by Andrew Loomis
Fully representable
Pose library – choose from ready poses and save yours
Movable camera
Adjustable light source
Choose a light or dark background.
Reset to Neutral "Anatomical Posture"


Fixed a bug that prevents the exchange of Skelly pose for Android API levels 25 and above.

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