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Mailbox 6 This is a powerful application that is designed to provide you with all the tools to keep in touch with friends and business partners. It can handle multiple email accounts and allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds to read the latest news.

Well organized and quite familiar interface
• The program is based on the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client, and its interface includes popular accounts, folders, and message bars for easy access. The message bar allows you to view the contents of the current email, which can also be opened in a new tab.

Set up your account and group messages or tags
• Setting up email accounts allows the user to enter only an email address and password. The wizard automatically searches for server configurations in the database and fills in the remaining details, if available, which allows Gmail or Yahoo! Users can add a new account in seconds.
• Gmail integration allows you to organize messages with labels and navigate through the messages using the built-in Gmail labels. You can also use the conversation view to group messages when you need to follow a specific discussion.

View attachments, subscribe to RSS feeds and filter news
• Thanks to the e-mail indexing function, the program helps you view attachments to e-mail messages and images related to messages from a folder. You just need to switch to view attachments, select files and save them to your computer.
• You can also use the application to subscribe to RSS feeds or to import subscriptions from other programs, such as Thunderbird. Like e-mail messages, news articles can be filtered using advanced rules to display items that need to be read.

Final grade
• In our tests, the program had a slight impact on computer performance, although it uses a significant part of the system memory.
• Overall, Postbox is a useful email management tool that integrates several Gmail features and can be improved by adding extensions. However, if you’re not an exclusive Gmail user, you’ll definitely find other solutions.

Features of Postbox 6 software

Powerful message search:
Postbox 6 makes it easy to search almost everything across all your email accounts. Use the search bar to quickly search for message criteria or for the advanced user, use search operators such as “from: Mary” or “subject: vacation” directly in the search box. The mailbox even understands search terms such as “after the last Monday” or “until June 2008”. And if you want to find a specific word or phrase, there is a text preview mode that will help you determine exactly what you are searching for.

Search tabs:
Use the Postbox search tabs to instantly find attachments, images, links and contacts — without having to look through the messages to find what you need. The action bar at the bottom of each search tab allows you to make useful things from your searches, for example, create a new message from a document that you find.

Draw up sidebar:
Get quick access to your email content when you need it the most – writing messages. The convenient Compose sidebar allows you to find attachments, images and links directly in a new message window, which simplifies things like re-sending project documents or compromising photos from a company party. You no longer need to save on the desktop, move windows or perform other tedious activities that take precious time.

Inspector Panel:
Mailbox 6 searches for interesting content in each message and then highlights what it finds on the inspector panel. It’s like a detection engine built right into your email. And if you are viewing the entire conversation, Postbox summarizes everything that has been published so far – all in one place.

Contact Bar:
The built-in contact bar provides quick access to address book data and a palette of useful searches and actions. Use the contacts pane to send an email, dial a phone number, start a chat, or search for an address. You can even search for the latest posts, attachments, images or links from any contact at any time.

Simplified folder views:
Postbox software allows you to cut and cut cubes for your accounts and folders so as to reduce clutter and simplify your life. When you select an account, only the most relevant folders are displayed, which helps minimize the distraction from activity in other accounts. And since the location of your public folders is always saved, switching from one mailbox to another is fast.

View tabbed mail:
Like a web browser, Postbox for PC allows you to view the contents of messages in tabs, which allows you to create an effective workspace for everything you work with. Open almost everything on a tab, including messages, folders, search results, or content such as attachments and images. You can quickly switch between tabs or even change the order of tabs to customize your look.

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Title: Mailbox v6.1.11
Developer: Postbox, Inc.
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows / MacOSX
– Windows 7, 8 and 10
– Pentium 4 or newer processor supporting SSE2
– 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
– 100 MB of hard disk space for application files (excluding local message data)
– Mailbox works in 32-bit mode on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows

– macOS from 10.11 to 10.13
– Intel Core processor that can run 64-bit applications
– 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
– 100 MB of hard disk space for application files (excluding local message data)
– Mailbox works in 64-bit mode on MacOS

Download Postbox Full for PC

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