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Principle 5.5
Spice up your ideas, create better apps.


Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface projects. Regardless of whether you are developing a multi-screen application stream, or new interactions and animations, Principle allows you to create designs that look and feel amazing.

Principle is a tool for developing animated and interactive user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop systems (some design teams even use it for virtual reality!). By allowing you to quickly evaluate your ideas, before wasting valuable development time, Principle speeds up the design cycle. After deciding on the final design, the Principle prototypes convey ideas to the engineering team.

Rather than offering features specifically to follow design trends or niche use cases, Principle seeks to provide a set of tools from common functions that can be creatively combined to produce diverse results. Since it is not possible to cover all the ways to combine these functions, this documentation focuses on the description of the principle of operation and provides readers with the opportunity to open creative applications.

What's new in principle

Version 5.5:
  • Changed the design of sending messages to the component interface.
  • You can now send events to existing messages in a component or parent element.
  • Holding down Z and clicking on the canvas will now increase the location of the cursor
  • Added pre-export to Instagram
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for switching drivers and animation panels.
  • The connected Figma account is now displayed in the import dialog.


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