PrivaZer is a wonderful powerful privacy tool that can reveal many traces of activities left on your PC before helping them to clear them.

PrivaZer Portable 3.0.64 -Free Download

After running a thorough scan to drive our system (potentially a long process, taking 1:57 even on relatively unpopulated 240GB SSD), the program produces a detailed report of areas requiring cleaning: everything from cookies, browsers and instantaneous news messaging, MFT, free space driven, our registry and even RAM.

There is a huge amount of information here. Curious about your registry problem, for example? Click the Registry> Track and you will see the program running a low scan of your Registry Key: On our system this successfully identified a host of programs we’d uninstalled long ago.

The “MFT” and “Free space” sections are just as good, revealing the names of deleted files. JumpList analyzes the details of the applications you’ve run with the files you’ve opened. And even apparently obvious sections, such as “cookies”, are loaded with information, regular lists and Flash cookies, dump storage and more for multiple browsers.

And once you’ve finished browsing, all the detected track can be replaced with a click. Or you can have the data well wiped using multiple scales, using one of seven standard industry algorithms – it’s calling you.

Note that this is the portable version of PrivaZer.


By ChSb