Psiphon 3 For Windows Free Download


Psiphon 3 For Windows Free Download

Free Download Psiphon 3 For Windows 7, Xp and windows 8

One of the hottest open source software programs available is Psiphon 3. It has continuously grown in popularity, a result of high online censorship. Censorship has been increasingly more common within modern times, especially in select countries such as Iran and China. With this software, users are able to connect to web pages that are blocking them.

How to Use Psiphon 3
In order to use Psiphon 3 You’ll need to download software, the actual install isn’t required. You will then be free to connect through a Psiphon server, anyone else who has the software installed and has shared their IP address and password with you. The one limitation is that you can only use the IP server while the computer is online, to ensure that you can connect at all given times it’s advisable to have more than one IP address available.

The Psiphon 3 software has descent compatibility. It currently is compatible with both windows and Linux operating systems. You can also use this software on androids, making it easier to prevent internet censorship on the go. If you went to buy this software then click here.

Psiphon 3 Features

1. Client Authentication – an authentication process will ensure that you are connected to a Psiphon client.
2. Encryption Security – all traffic passed between Psiphon users are encrypted for added security.
3. Automatic Detection – Will switch to the next available server if connection is lost or unavailable.
4. Trusted Network – Designed to use as a trusted system, the connection is through known trusted sources.
5. Mobile Ready – available for mobile devices.
6. Open Source – as an open source software code is available to improve usage.
7. Download Ready – available upon download completion, install isn’t required.

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