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Download PUBG Game for PC without emulator | How to play PUBG on PC?

Free PUBG on PC Everyone wants to download the game PUBG for their laptops, but not so easy, so that we can download it for computers, thanks to which we can download this game. Downloading a lightweight version of the mobile phone worked.

But, given the recent updates for PUBG, the company also decided to release the free version of PUBG for PC, which can be installed on any computer, and its computer version will be called PUBG PC lite. He appeared on the market, but let us know how to download it and its link will be told from Before you know about it.

Latest version of PUBG Lite for PC: some info

The game PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds, known worldwide as the short name PUBG, and its passion in India is so strong that the government is thinking of banning it. But in our country, this game is played much less on a PC, and on a mobile one – more.

Since this is a paid game, and PUBG has just released its free version for mobile devices, it is now expected to release the company for its free version of PC from 2019, and its beta version has gone on sale.

System requirements PC PUBG lite:

Whenever we play on the computer, the first thing we think is what the game demands? Will I work in the system that I have, or not? But this time you do not need to buy system updates or new systems to play your favorite game.

Because the minimum requirements for its Lite version are such that everything is in a PC.

Features PUBG Lite for PC:

He does not have to tell you what is happening in the mobile and on the computer to play games. There is a mobile lightweight portal device with which we can carry anything and play games on any device other than a PC, but even then the fun comes home and starts playing on the computer itself.

PlayerUnknown & # 39; s BattleGrounds game for this computer version the GodEloper thought a lot about the fact that it could be easily played on each computer, and for this graphics game the management was very good.

PUJ Lite PC download without emulator – This is the most important feature, since any version of it without the help of an emulator does not allow playing on a PC. But his latest lite version can play without an emulator on your computer.

Low graphic requirement – The developers combine the functions of Mobile and PC to create a computer version of the game. Such as ..

  • The graphics are exactly like the mobile version, and that is why it does not require any external video card to play on the computer. The control system is taken from its computer version, which allows you to easily play on a PC and therefore does not need an emulator.

How to download PUBG Lite for laptop?

The Bad PlayerUnknown version of BattleGrounds Lite appeared only in Thailand, so if you need to download it in India or any other country, then you need to use only small Internet tricks, then you can get the download link for PUBG lite for PC. ,

To download this, we will need to change the location of our existing Internet network from India to Thailand, and you will need a virtual private network (VPN). Ha! For you there is a relief that you can use any paid or paid VPN. If you are looking for VPN for Thailand on the Internet, you will find a lot of software.


After setting up the VPN, you need to open in the URL browser and first apply a unique identifier with email addresses, password and DOB.

apply for pub id

After completing the account setup, you need to open the URL and download the exe file for the system. You can download directly from this URL if you wish. Https: //elpisi-dlkplybttlegroundskcom/instller/fubrg-lait-setap.akshe

down-load a game

After downloading and installing you will need to log in with an identifier, after which the game installation file will be downloaded. You may not be able to open the game now, because it has a beta version, and you can start the game immediately after launching its server.

Friends, PUBG lite for PC How to download and how to use it? Hope you have to understand. You may not be able to enjoy the gameplay right now, because its server can be up and running in a few days, and you should be configured. But as soon as you get started, you can enjoy the fun without the PUBG Lite PC emulator. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not forget to comment and share this message together.


By ChSb