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Video sharing via online hosting such as YouTube or Vimeo This is common practice, but streaming content may not work correctly if you have a slow internet connection.

PullTube offers you the ability to download videos from both sources (YouTube and Vimeo), while other platforms can be added later. The application can handle playlists, allows you to select the quality of the output, and can even extract audio only.

Video downloader that can import links by dragging and detect playlists

The user interface of PullTube is represented by a small window where you can quickly paste the video URL. Please note that you can also add videos by clicking the link at the top of the PullTube window.

It is worth noting that if PullTube discovers that the video is part of the playlist, it will offer to download the entire collection: it will extract the data for each record and process the downloads sequentially.

Upload videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo in different sizes and output formats.

PullTube will start extracting video data right away so that you can see the name of the video, its duration and a small thumbnail. When setting up a download, you can choose output quality (highest, 4K, HD or normal with different resolutions) or choose to export only audio to an M4A or MP3 file.

Using the PullTube settings panel, you can change the default download location and default MP3 bitrate (320 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 64 Kbps). You can also add quality information to the video title and exit the application after all downloads are completed.

Get offline access to online videos in just a few steps.

PullTube offers an optimized workflow for quickly downloading videos from YouTube or Vimeo, provides quality control of the output and allows you to extract audio to MP3 or M4A files.

However, during our tests, we noticed that PullTube could not complete the download when processing video longer than 2 minutes. The process stops without any explanation, and you can eventually complete the task, but you need to add a link to download the tool several times.

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