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qBittorrent – The goal of the qBittorrent project is to provide free software alternative to µtorrent. In addition, q-Bittorrent works and provides the same functions on all major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS / 2, FreeBSD). The user interface is similar to that of the official BitTorrent client: µTorrent. This helps simplify the transition from µTorrent to q-Bittorrent for Windows users switching to Linux. q-Bittorrent is a multiplatform Bittorrent client developed in C ++ / Qt4 by Christoph Dumes. Its main features are the built-in search engine (allows you to search for torrent from the main torrent sites at the same time in a transparent way).

It supports l & # 39; UPnP / NAT-PMP, Bittorrent encryption (compatible with Azureus), Peer Exchange (PeX), compatible with uTorrent, IP filtering (eMule-like “ipfilter.dat” or PeerGuardian filters), Torrents (and files they contain priority, remote control via a secure web user interface.

Features qBittorrent Final

  • Polished µTorrent-like user interface
  • Well integrated and extensible search engine
    o Simultaneous search in the most famous search sites BitTorrent
    o Search queries for each category (for example, Books, Music, Movies)
  • All Bittorrent Extensions
    o DHT, Peer Exchange, full encryption, URI magnets / BitComet, …
  • Remote control via web user interface
    o Almost identical to the regular interface, all in Ajax
  • Advanced control over trackers, peers and torrents
    o Torrents in the queue and prioritization
    o Torrent content selection and prioritization
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP Port Forwarding Support
  • Available in ~ 25 languages ​​(Unicode support)
  • Torrent creation tool
  • Extended RSS support with download filters (including regular expressions)
  • Bandwidth Planner
  • IP filtering (compatible with eMule and PeerGuardian)
  • Compatible with IPv6
  • Sequential download (also known as "Download in order")
  • Available on most platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS / 2, FreeBSD
  • qBittorrent for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Title: qBittorrent v4.1.7 stable
Developer: Homepage
License: Freeware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

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