RecMe Pro Screen Recorder HD

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RecMe Pro Screen Recorder HD

RecMe Screen Recorder is one of the best screens for your screen and audio.
The application is free, with no time limits, no watermarks, HD quality and works with root and non-ruled devices
(read the instructions below).

The application provides many features and settings to meet all your needs:
[✔] Route is not required: Before Android 5.0, you only needed to launch our startup tool from your computer to activate screen recording.
[✔] Produce High quality video (up to 60 frames per second, up to 1080p, 32 Mbps bitrate)
[✔] Screen recording with microphone audio
[✔] Screen recording with internal soundor microphone + internal audio mixed together (root required, available in Android 4.4)
[✔] display front or rear camera overlay on the screen while recording (Pro version)
[✔] Parameters for recording the countdown and stop when the screen is locked (Pro version)
[✔] Image overlay (Pro version)
[✔] Drawing screen (Pro version)
[✔] Control your entry from the management widget and from notifications
[✔] You can pause and resume while recording
[✔] Choose to record to MP4 or MKV video file
[✔] Many settings for optimized performance and quality

Root is not required to record the screen, this means that if your device does not have root rights and works with an Android version up to 5.x, you need to run our launch tool as a workaround to activate screen recording.

Unfortunately, there is no other or better solution, because that's how Android works. We hope you can understand it.

Please do not rate badly if you do not understand this or have not read the instructions.
Do not use feedback to report problems or if you have questions (we have no way to help you or contact you through this).
Contact us at [email protected] Before leaving a bad comment just because you could not use the application, we will be happy to give you any help.


✔ Added support for external sdcard
✔ Improved audio file source, you can manage multiple files as a playlist
✔ Fixed bugs and technical improvements.

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