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RedCrab Calculator Plus Download Full

RedCrab Calculator Plus available for free download from our software library. This software is for scientific, statistical and financial calculations with a full-screen formula editor. Mathematical expressions can be entered in the editor window, as on a sheet of paper. The editor supports input of complex algebraic equations, such as fractions, square roots, exponentials, variables, etc. For technical and scientific applications.

RedCrab Calculator PLUS Download Full

Features of RedCrab Calculator Full

  • Free placement of mathematical formulas in natural symbols;
  • Decimal point with a fixed comma, floating point, exponent;
  • Hexadecimal, octal or binary code;
  • Date and time format;
  • Graphic display of results on a graph (5 types of graphs);
  • Accuracy: 14 digits;
  • Print selected areas of the sheet;
  • Insert text fields;
  • Insert images;
  • Over 35 arithmetic and trigonometric functions;
  • Functions and operators for processing bits;
  • Data fields and matrix functions: 9;
  • Tips with examples and graphics in German and English.
Title: RedCrab Calculator PLUS v7.0.0.701
Developer: Red Chilli Crab
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

– Windows XP,
– Windows Server 2008, 2012,
– Windows Vista, Windows 7,
– Windows 8, Windows 10
– Net Framework 4.0

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