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Registry search for free it is not just a seeker. This is a simple registry editor. It has the basic capabilities of the RegEdit system, which is sufficient in most simple use cases. Registry Finder allows you to view the local registry; create, delete, rename keys and values; change values ​​as a natural data type (string, multiline, DWORD) or as binary data. Allowed to open multiple windows registry. The next time you start Registry Finder, these windows will open with the same keys as before.

Features Registry Finder Free Download

Display results in the list
• Registry Finder allows you to perform a thorough search in the Windows registry to determine the desired string. The Windows Registry is the main system file that acts as a database and stores important information about your computer. For example, program locations and general DLLs are data stored in the registry.
• Registry Finder makes it easy to search the registry, for example, to search for files of a specific application. As soon as the program returns results, you can view specific registry entries, values, data, size and time of creation. This way, you can determine which parts of the registry contain information about the program that you want to completely delete or edit. This program is intuitive, simple, plus it does not require installation, which makes it a convenient tool for any user.

Parameter Search and String Editing
• The software allows you to set search parameters, for example, to search the entire registry or only the selected key, to focus the process on keys, values ​​or data. In addition, you can allow the program to search only for hidden keys, match case, or match the entire string.
• After the list is displayed, you can right-click any record and edit the line, change its binary data, go to RegEdit, copy the data to the clipboard or delete the record. Selecting the option to change binary data opens a new window in which the binary version of the value column is displayed. You can view it in Byte, Word or Dword format.

Title: Registry Finder v2.35
Developer: Sergey Filippov
License: Freeware
English language
OS: Windows

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