Antistress - toys for relaxation


Antistress - toys for relaxation

When you need to relax, distract or just distract, enjoy this collection of toys: hear the sound of a bamboo bell, play with wooden boxes, gently slide your finger on the water, press buttons, draw with chalk, and so on! Are you waiting for something and you need to get distracted? Open the Antistress app and start playing with Newton's cradle! Are you mad at someone? Have a rest with an endless fifteen-year game! Do you need to take a break from studying? Open the Antistress application and select one of 28 (twenty eight !!!) toys for the game!
Antistress – relaxing toys include:

► Relaxing pond with lotus
►Many different buttons to click!
► Physics of wooden toys
►Vibrational feedback
► beautiful sounds

Take your time and live a moment of entertainment. This game also includes an anti-stress bamboo chime, finger scale and some dirty windows for cleaning!


New free toy! Circle of breath!

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