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Remote Desktop Manager 2019 Enterprise available for free download from our software library. This is a practical and reliable software solution that administrators need to have who need to manage and organize all their remote sessions.

With Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition, you can quickly add, edit, delete, or find a remote connection. Compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop or with Terminal Services, it is a good substitute for the Remote Desktops snap-in.

Multiple connection support
The fastest way to get started is to use the QuickConnect feature at the top of the screen. This will allow you to get started even without the knowledge of Remote Desktop Manager, giving you quick access to your remote desktop, VNC, and web browser.
In addition to QuickConnect, you initially have a small set of push buttons to help you start creating new groups and sessions.

Features of Remote Desktop Manager 2019 Download

• Connect any type of session, such as RDP, SSH or VNC.
• Save and manage all passwords.
• Integration of existing password managers
• Share and centralize all remote connections
• Ensure organization security using better encryption algorithm.
• View connection logs
• Protection of confidential data
• Share and link attachments
• View public folders or cloud storage
• Automatic VPN connection
• Group all sessions in specific folders.
• Quick connect with template support
• Quick access through the context menu of the tray icon
• Online backup service
• automatic login
• Microsoft Hyper-V Control Panel
• Sharing session settings between multiple users.
• Built-in password managers
• Real-Time Connection Overview

Enterprise Edition

  • Share your remote connection settings in the company database.
  • Save your credentials and passwords to the database.
  • Monitor user activity with database logs.
  • Faster and safer solution.
  • Available as a single license, multi-license package, global license or site license.
Title: Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition v2019.1.25.0
Developer: Devolutions Inc
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

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