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Remote Utilities – Viewer available for free download from our software library. This is a customizable and secure remote desktop software for IT professionals. You can view screens remotely, send keystrokes, control the mouse pointer, transfer files and perform any other operations as if you were physically sitting in front of a remote PC.

Features of remote utilities – Viewer Download

Wake On LAN:
WOL (Wake-on-LAN) is a technology that allows you to remotely turn on a computer with one click.

Network Map:
This allows computers to be located on a network map with an indication of their actual topological location.

Shutdown / Reboot:
This mode is used to control basic power functions on a remote computer. The following operations are available: restart the remote computer; Shut down the remote computer; Lock remote computer; Log off the current user of the remote computer.

Inventory Management:
The built-in inventory management module allows you to collect hardware and software inventory information from remote PCs, as well as create complete and complete asset summary data and inventory reports.

Remote installation:
Remote Utilities has a built-in remote installation tool that allows you to automatically deploy the RUT-Server component in a domain or workgroup network.

MSI Configurator:
The RUT-Server distribution kit is supplied as an MSI file data that is used by the Windows installer. It allows you to automatically install a RUT server in a domain network using group policy in server editions of the Windows 2000/2003/2008 operating system. Remote Utilities also has an integrated MSI Configurator tool for quick and easy setup of an MSI distribution before installation.

Remote Registry:
In the mode of connection to the remote registry, you can directly access the registry of the remote computer and make the necessary changes to the registry.

Remote Task Manager:
Remote Task Manager is a connection mode that you can use to access a list of processes, applications, and services running on a remote computer.

Remote program execution:
Remote program execution is a connection mode that allows you to run an executable file on a remote computer. Along with Remote Registry and Remote Task Manager, this connection mode saves you time, eliminating the need to connect to a remote desktop every time you need to perform routine tasks.

Multi-monitor support:
If there are several monitors on a remote computer, Remote Utilities allows you to view or monitor them simultaneously in one window or switch to the desired monitor.

The “Terminal” mode allows you to get full access to the command line on a remote computer. You can enter commands and run programs in the Terminal window, just like in the command line of the cmd system tool.

You can also download Remote Desktop Manager for free.

Title: Remote Utilities – Viewer v6.10.8.0
Developer: Usoris Corporation
License: Shareware
Language: multilingual
OS: Windows

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