Revolve8 1.2.0 Apk for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


You have one chance. Use it!
3 minutes of real-time strategy.

>> Introduction to the game <<

■ Basic rules
Form a deck of 8 cards, use heroes to destroy the enemy's towers within 3 minutes.

■ cards
Create your deck with numerous types of cards:
Heroes, minions, buildings, magic …
The possibilities are endless!

■ League Matches
Try to be the best in exciting real-time battles with players from around the world!

■ Skills
Use skills to tilt the scales!
They make all the difference when used at the right moment.

■ Symbols
Characters from classic stories come alive as heroes, more fun and more amazing than ever before!

For example…
Little Red Riding Hood, a girl with an eye to fashion and social media.
Cinderella, a free pop star who loves motorcycles.
Sinbad, an adventurer who does his best for the treasure!

More and more heroes coming soon!

■ staff
Senior Producer: Masayoshi Kikuchi
Character Designer: Koji Igarashi
Character Artist: Ryota-H
Sound producer: Shunsuke Tsuchiya, Yasunori Mitsuda

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Hoichi has been added to the game!
– Blind biwa bard. Even the dead can hear his rock and roll
-Hoychi spawns ghosts that fly to the enemy

New feature Friends!
-You can hold personal matches with friends

Changes in the 11th stage of the League
– A flurry of cherry flowers adorns the scene!

Changes on the main screen
– The “Private matches” button (now this is a kind of SEGA console) has been moved to the “Social Networks” menu.

Guild Chat Additions
-A button appears when card requests are out of chat