Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari Android thumb
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Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari

Settle down and get ready to fight the timid inhabitants of this side of Savannah. Lions, tigers and bears do not fit this rodeo star. Armed with a ten-gallon lasso and hat, swing stamped buffalo, elephants, ostrich, and others from behind. Hold tight on these little animals, and you can just win their hearts. When the crush is over, the zoo begins! Fill the attachments with your four-legged friends and let your patrons look in amazement. This is one wild ride you don’t want to miss – YEEHAW

  • Take a ride on the wild crush on the backs of buffaloes, elephants and all sorts of exotic animals
  • Dodge and avoid obstacles in your pursuit of high performance.
  • Catch and make friends with animals of all shapes and sizes to show off in your Sky Zoo
  • Invite visitors to come admire your collection.
  • Expand and manage your zoo to earn huge rewards from visitors


Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari Apk