Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler 1.02 Apk + Mod for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019



* Supported devices: Android device recommended with RAM 3 GB or higher. *

This is a game that you are the agent of the Adventurer & # 39; s Guild in the quest. What problems will you face during this deadly mission?

• Create your own character. Mighty orc warrior worshiping the goddess of war? Or maybe a clever elf rogue who believes only in bags of gold?
• 6 game classes: from classic warriors and wizards to more unexpected options.
• 5 adventures that require different approaches to achieve success.
• Procedural generation of each floor – you never know what is under the next map.
• Dozens of enemies, traps and unique terrain effects.
• A rich arsenal of equipment, powerful artifacts and spells.
• The sanctuaries of the gods and random events, allowing to decide the fate of a roll of bones.
• Ancient scrolls, textbooks and magazines for lovers of little stories.
• And many other active cards that interact with each other!

We are in the team very much hope that you will be satisfied with our little creation. Looks like it's time to go down to the dungeon!


• Balance settings: the complexity of the game should now grow much smoother
• Minor bugs fixed
Thanks for playing!