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Award winning indie game of 2016!

Sally goes to her childhood home to see her seriously ill father. So the journey of Sally, a girl for whom nothing can stand in her way, unfolds.

A journey full of incredible luck. Can Sally's luck be a coincidence?

Roll around and jump on your way home, revealing the past of Sally and the Father.

Sally's Law is the opposite of Murphy's Law. Think about the happy moment in your life when everything fell into place – this is Sally's law! It is this concept of supernatural luck – as if guided by some invisible force – on which the law of Sally-Game was developed.

Follow Sally, she rolls effortlessly and jumps to the house. Get to know your father's story through memories.

Immediately reproduce each scene as the spirit of Father Sally, giving Sally the gift of reality with extraordinary luck.

Race … no, scram to solve various puzzles!

Challenge a unique platformer puzzle, meeting many funny tricks and at the same time enjoying the story.

*** Note
Sally's Law is optimized to work on GalaxyS4 or later. Please note that it may not work correctly on earlier versions or devices.


Google Play Indie Games Festival 2016: Top3
Indian Connect Busan Festival 2016: "Superiority in Narration"
Google Play 2016: the best indie game

Story and play: learn the story first hand during the game.
Platformer puzzle: count the time of your jumps while solving a series of puzzles!
Circles and squares: beautiful works of art enclosed in simple shapes. ”


Updated Google Play plugins.
Added license verification library.

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